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Barton Law Office, LLC is a Salt Lake City based boutique family law firm which has been serving residents of the Wasatch Front since 2001. We excel at providing one-on-one legal services for individuals needing representation in every aspect of divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, visitation, protective order, paternity, child abuse and neglect, name change, asset and debt division, emancipation and guardianship cases.

The team at Barton Law Office has 32 years of combined family law experience. Whether your case involves complex financial issues or high conflict child custody and support issues, we may be trusted to represent you in the most cost effective and convenient manner possible.

It is understood that legal matters involving your family are among the most stressful and difficult times of your life. Our approach to these matters is to provide to you exceptional legal services in a manner which alleviates the stress of your case and allows you to get on with the business of your life and your family.

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Worst Situation - Best Help

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The staff in this office are awesome. Very knowledgable and willing to help you through the worst of your situation. They wont waste your time or money and make you feel like your best interest is their goal.

Wonderful Family Lawyer

5 5 1
This is a wonderful, honest and knowledgeable Family Law Practice that truly listens to all of your concerns, thoroughly reviews your particular case, and brings an immense kindness and thoughtfulness to the practice of law. Highly recommend.
Bartlon Law, LLC Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.